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About us

The world is quickly transitioning to a subscription based lifestyle, with subscriptions for everything you can think of. From entertainment to fashion, and food to dating, all our favourite products and services are now offering subscriptions for a more personalised experience.

Fleek is a one-of-a-kind subscription management platform that helps track & manage your subscriptions easily and flawlessly.

Fleek subscription management platform

At Fleek, We Help People Manage Their Subscriptions, With Just A Toggle.

The Fleek Journey

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Fleek mission and values

Who we are

Fleek was founded in 2021 by a small team in Bangalore, passionate about simplifying the often-confusing world of subscriptions. We are a diverse, fast-growing team of developers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers and more. We connect on our shared love of pizza, music, binge-watching and cute pet videos.

What we do

From tracking all your subscriptions seamlessly, to helping you save with every renewal. At Fleek, we want to give you the control over your subscriptions, and help you save where you spend.

Every day we work collaboratively with Fleek users to build features that take the hassle out of subscription management.

Helping people manage subscriptions seamlessly

Meet Our Team

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