Drumrolls! You can now purchase subscriptions through our Fleek website!
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Is Fleek free?

Yes! Fleek is an absolutely free platform that helps you manage all your subscriptions in one place with just a toggle

What Does Fleek Do?

From tracking all your subscriptions seamlessly, to helping you save with every renewal. At Fleek, we want to give you the control over your subscriptions, and help you save where you spend.

Can I set up recurring payments through Fleek?

At the moment, we don’t have that functionality. But rest assured, we are working on it. Expect an update real soon!

How do I cancel a subscription on Fleek?

Cancelling your subscriptions on Fleek is just a click away. Select the subscription that you wish to cancel and click the cancel button. That's it! We'll take care of the rest.

I'm not able to find the subscription that I want to manage on Fleek.
What to do?

Don't worry! When you’re trying to add subscriptions manually and are unable to find the one you're looking for, just click on the ‘create manually’ button that appears on the screen. It lets you create your own subscription and lets you manage it, along with all your other subscriptions.