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How can I split my bills?

It's simple! Select the subscription that you wish to share and click the share button. Then, select the people you’d like to share the subscription with. Next, enter how you wish to split the cost between you. Finally, enter your UPI ID to finish the process.

Do my friends need to have the Fleek app for us to split the bills?

Not necessarily. We'll send them an SMS about your share request, if they are not on Fleek. But, it would be easier for them if you send them an invite to Fleek, to keep things simpler. (Plus, you get a cool reward when they sign up!)

Can we settle our payments through the Fleek app itself?

Yes you can!

How can I keep my subscriptions private?

You can always choose subscription categories that your friends can see. Head to privacy settings in the Accounts tab and toggle the category on/off, according to your preference.

Is there a limit to how many friends I can add per group?

No limits! You can split your subscriptions with as many friends as you want (we don’t judge!)