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Best Digital Subscriptions In India

January 16, 2024
best digital subscriptions in india

In these times of uncertainty for governments, businesses, and consumers; if there’s one business model that’s stood the test of time, it would have to be subscriptions. The digital subscription economy has grown tremendously in recent years. And that’s good news for the users!

The primary benefits of digital subscriptions are that they are less expensive, less wasteful, more flexible, and cater to individual preferences. Digital subscriptions have added convenience to many day-to-day tasks for users, such as streaming movies, reading the news, going to a gym and renting a car.

In terms of users, conversions, and money, one of the biggest subscription sectors would have to be OTT. Subscribers have grown by over 50% in the OTT sector alone. Furthermore, having auto payments and renewals set up for less hassle is a win-win situation!

What are Digital Subscriptions?

In simple terms, digital subscriptions are a series of transactions that are scheduled on a regular basis for a preferred digital product or platform that you require.

These digital subscriptions aren't just limited to OTT platforms; there are also many product-based subscriptions that you can choose from that will fuel your day-to-day life. If you want to know the latest news, you can subscribe to a digital news subscription. If you want healthcare supplements delivered to your home, you can subscribe to a healthcare and wellness subscription, if you are a fan of music, then you should consider subscribing to music streaming platforms.

Digital subscriptions have simply made life easier for people on the go. And with the new features in some apps, such as auto-renewals and a single toggle feature, you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to subscriptions and payments. Subscription providers everywhere are looking to expand their business to provide users with a comprehensive coverage of whatever type of product or subscription they choose.

20 Most popular Digital Subscriptions in India

1. Disney+ Hotstar

The one that screams nostalgia.

Disney+  Hotstar is the ideal OTT platform to choose if you want to watch something entertaining while also reliving a nostalgic moment. They have a wide selection of movies and Disney shows, such as Mickey Mouse and all of the shows you used to watch as a child. They also showcase some of the biggest movies, such as 83, Vikram and KGF, which you do not want to miss.  You can watch unlimited live sports, Hotstar Specials, and serials on Hotstar and the content can be viewed on four screens in 4K resolution.

2. Zee5

The “all India permit” for shows and movies

Looking for a regional, especially Hindi, series to watch? Then Zee 5 is a great option. Zee 5 has been in the industry for a long time and has a large number of satisfied customers who return for more Zee 5 subscriptions. They  air the most popular and curated selection of shows. Everything is available on one platform, from the most popular serials to the most anticipated movies. ALT Balaji airs TV Shows, Kids shows and Live TV. Premium members can also watch videos on up to five different devices at the same time.

3. SonyLiv

The “ jack of all shows”

SonyLiv is yet another go-to platform if you want to binge on some good entertainment options. You don't want to miss out on these incredible shows that are just waiting for you! SonyLiv is definitely another platform to consider if you're looking for something regional, primarily for an Indian audience. What is SonyLiv's best feature, you ask? It broadcasts WWE events, PPVs, live WWE RAW and Smackdown, and NXT.

4. Amazon Prime

“Two times the fun and benefits”

Amazon is already a Mogul when it comes to physical products and is already making billions. But did you know that Amazon Prime Video is also popular for watching the best shows? Amazon Prime Video offers a carefully curated selection of the best movies, from JugJugg Jeeyo to Toy Story. With such a good selection of movies that you might be interested in watching a few right now!

5. Hoichoi

The “Bengali adda”

Following that, this one is unquestionably for those looking for a Bengali movie to watch. Hoichoi has some of the best Bengali content series with over 100+  content series that you can watch at your fingertips. This does not only cater to Bengali viewers because it also provides subtitles for easy understanding by anyone.

6. Times of India

The “freshly brewed cup of news”

To put it in simple terms, your morning cup of news has to be perfect and Times of India+ subscription has you covered with  a wide variety of the world's most curated and happening news. The Times of India gives you news on Sports, Business, Entertainment, Blogs, and Opinions from top columnists. They have everything!

7. Hindustan Times

The “kadak aaj ka samachar”

Hindustan Times brings you exclusive top stories of the day, from politics, business, technology, photos, videos, and so on. Again, Hindustan Times deals with all things news, so if you're looking for a news subscription, this is the place to go. What you should really look forward to in HT is the Today's Opinion column, which contains Opinion Articles on the most trending and happening topics.

8. Livemint

News as fresh as mint!

Livemint is India's one-stop source for business news, providing the best curated form of business news. We need to be updated on business every day, and Livemint provides the best doses of it from business news, market news, breaking news, and the most recent business updates. Anurag Behar, Anil Padmanabhan, Arun Balakrishnan, and Anil Kumble are among the most well-known columnists at Livemint. Also, if you're interested in the stock market, then Livemint is the subscription for you.

9. Bewakoof

Be you, with Bewakoof!

Looking for some quirky clothing for men and women? Then Bewakoof is unquestionably it. Bewakoof is your one stop shop to find the most fashionable clothes. They stand for pure authenticity. If you are looking for clothing to express yourself then Bewakoof is the go-to platform for options that truly define your personality! One of the things that makes Bewakoof so dependable and simple to buy from is that they have no middlemen, no rentals, and are solely focused on selling directly to customers online.

10. Kuku FM

We must strongly believe in and select what you want to hear, and Kuku FM is here to help. Kuku FM is a podcast platform that is bringing back traditional radio as well as a variety of other audio content. You have over 500,000 hours of content in 9 vernacular languages. From the Bhagavad Gita to horror stories to meditation and confidence-boosting tips, they have everything. Some of the key features to look for include the flexibility to change the app language, change the content language, and share audiobooks and stories. You can also remove (delete) downloaded audios if necessary.

11. Discovery Plus

Taking vacations is not always easy in today's hectic work life. So why not treat yourself to a vacation at home? We're talking about DiscoveryPlus, which gives you access to a variety of shows ranging from adventures to science, history, investigation, nature, animals, lifestyle, and many other topics. With Discovery Plus, you can go on an adventure from the comfort of your own home.

12. CultFit

Starting your fitness journey can be difficult, but with CultFit there are numerous programmes available to help you. They also offer free trials,  fun group classes and at-home workouts, which you should definitely try. They also have a cult pass pro with unlimited access to local gyms. Want to kickstart your fitness lifestyle?  Culprit is the platform to use!

13. Skillshare

Your promotion is just a Skillshare away.

Skillshare is a website that offers thousands of hands-on creative classes with just one membership. It is an online learning platform that offers thousands of creative courses. Learning is now easy  from the best of the best experts. Skillshare can help you get started on a hobby or a career and you can also learn new skills and expand your creativity.

14. Pharmeasy

Take it easy with Pharmeasy!

Pharmeasy is dedicated to simplifying healthcare and making a difference in people's lives. They are an online service that sells medicines and healthcare products. They also have a guaranteed delivery time of 24 to 48 hours, so you'll never be caught off guard when it comes to medicines.  Additionally, you can book diagnostic tests online using prescriptions. That is unquestionably a fantastic deal. On all medicine/healthcare orders, you can get an extra 5% cashback. On diagnostic orders, you will receive a 10% cashback. Free teleconsultation with a doctor. All orders of medicine/healthcare over 199 receive free delivery.

15. Kaspersky

Ranking #7 out of 69 antiviruses, Kaspersky is online security for you and your family.

This cutting-edge technology can provide a secure and private Internet experience without compromising your computer or mobile devices. You can simply select the appropriate level of protection that you require, and Kaspersky will provide total security. Kaspersky has a solution for every situation, from ad blocking to private browsing to performance optimization.

16. Hungama Play

Good content equals good mood.

Hungama Play has everything from movies to TV shows, kids shows in the Indian language. Find the most recent Bollywood gossip, celebrity shows, and comedy clips right at your fingertips, there's something for everyone, and they have over 5000 films in English as well as other regional languages. They also have other features and benefits that you should look into.

17. Jio Saavn

Music is a muse.

Using the Jio Saavn app, select the best music that you enjoy listening to. Get the most recent and popular Bollywood Hindi songs. Only on the Jio Saavn app can you create playlists and manage your own music library, as well as get crazy recommendations based on what you listen to. They also offer podcasts.

18. StoryTel

We have a story to tell.

About  StoryTel! You can listen to audiobooks on your phone. Enjoy unlimited access to audiobooks and E-books in the language of your choice. You also get exclusive originals, best-selling Indian classics, and unlimited access so you can listen to whatever you want, download books offline, choose stories for kids, and try out books.

19. Betterhalf.ai

When it comes to finding your better half, there are no boundaries.

Finding the right partner is made easier with Betterhalf. Less stressful and less tiring, Betterhalf.ai is undoubtedly one of India's best match making apps. Finding a compatible life partner with easy sign ups and enhanced features that make it much easier to find your soul mate.  Betterhalf.ai is secure and simple in part because it is India's only AI-powered app that operates without parental intervention. They also have amazing testimonies that you can read about.

20. BrainGym Jr

If Tiny Tots had a gym, then this would be it.

Brain Gym Junior is an excellent app in which you should enrol your children. We've all seen how advanced children can be these days. And, on many occasions, parents do not have all of the answers to their inquiries. That is why BrainGym Jr goes above and beyond mundane education. They also have special exercises for tiny tots with autism, ADD, ADHD, and other special needs in children and adults. Enroll your children in BrainGym Jr to provide them with advanced learning as well as fun.

Life has become much easier with the addition of digital subscriptions when it comes to both entertainment and physical products. These digital subscriptions cover a wide range of topics, including news, lifestyle, entertainment, and many others. As we mentioned in the list, you can select your preferred subscription and also get great deals only on Fleek.

Fleek also includes tracking and management with a single click; We are also aware of how hectic life can be which is why Fleek offers great deals and discounts along with enhanced features to give you one less thing to worry about when it comes to subscriptions.

As a user, you will undoubtedly benefit from this, not only monetarily, but also in terms of comfort.

We can safely predict that the rise of digital subscriptions will be doubled in the future, and who knows, it may even surpass a billion subscribers who will be making best use of digital subscriptions. Further-more, it can also  strengthen the audience and a business relationship. As a user with so much information available, we hope you will correctly select the preferred digital subscription and make your life easier by subscribing to what you want.

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