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10 Best Magazines in India to Subscribe Now!

January 16, 2024
best magazines in india

You have to be kidding us to say magazines are so old school.

Let’s sigh at those comments later but people enjoy reading magazines, whether digitally or in the form of hard copy, because it is something that was done if you are part of the old school generation, and to keep up with that trend of magazines these days magazines are clubbed with articles, best pieces of opinions for columnists, entertainment, critics and so much more than before which is exactly why you should opt for magazines if you want to spare some reading time for yourself alone.

10 Best Magazines in India to Subscribe Now!

1. India Today

Consider this to be one of the best magazines in India, to which you should definitely subscribe. When you think of magazines, you probably think of some great happening content to read as well as keeping you up to date on the most knowledgeable things at your fingertips, and that is exactly what India Today does. To subscribe to the English edition of India Today simply select a plan and add it to your cart, followed by the buy now option. They also have a renewal order option that you can subscribe to if you want to renew it every month. India Today English magazine has a total readership of 15.9 million people who read about current events, news, politics, and other topics. That's a number you can't go wrong with.

2. Forbes India

I'm sure when we were young, or even teenagers, we saw some of the millionaires cut out in Forbes magazines and wondered when we would get there in life. Forbes magazine is a well-known publication. This magazine has undoubtedly assisted many readers in learning about the best and most recent events, as well as important world news. It provides influential insights and information. What you should look for is that Forbes picks out the top 100 in any category, such as content creators, digital stars, and so on, and provides a brief description of what they do and why they’re a part of the list.

3. Outlook

Get a better look at the most recent news from around the world and much of the information that you should definitely not miss with Outlook. Outlook is a subscription-based magazine that covers a wide range of topics including politics, economics, film reviews, and entertainment. All of these are published by well-known authors and columnists whose claims are supported by facts. It's also available in English and Hindi, which is a definite plus for the Indian audience. What you should look out for in Outlook magazine is the amount of international news covered that is very prominent as a reader.

4. Reader's Digest magazine

Following that, we have Reader's Digest magazine, which guarantees you the best insights and articles features on health, nutrition, friendly jokes, stories, and last but not least technology. If you are only interested in one genre and want to view articles on that, you can simply choose from a drop section given in the Reader's Digest magazine online, but if you want to read and have that feeling of a book, you should definitely opt for their hard copy series of the Reader's Digest magazine.

5. The Economist

This is one such magazine that has attracted the attention of people who are not particularly interested in economy but still want to know everything there is to know about economics because of the facts and knowledge they provide. The Economist magazine has the advantage of allowing you to register for a free account and receive a limited number of articles for free per month; however, if you want an unlimited set of newsletters, you must definitely upgrade to their subscriptions. The Economist, like any other magazine, covers a wide range of international, financial, and economic news. If you are looking for a business magazine, this is the magazine you should gift yourself.

6. Digit

Technology is constantly advancing, and we as individuals must maintain a 480-degree perspective on what is going on with technology. Let's face it, it's always exciting to learn about new gadgets and advances in the market. This is precisely where magazines such as Digit come into the picture, providing you with all-around information on the most recent events. Digit Magazine is your go-to option if you want to know how to upgrade your slow PC or laptop or if you want to buy a new Fitbit watch for yourself.

7. Fortune India

With over 5 million readers, Fortune India should be your first choice if you enjoy reading about business. Since businesses are constantly expanding, it's best to keep track of what is going on, particularly in terms of growth. You also have access to read about highly influential leaders and decision-makers discussing in their essays about the business side of the market, which is exactly why Fortune India makes it one of the top most interesting Business magazines.

8. Femina

Femina is one of the most well-known brands, and you've probably heard of it. With nearly six decades as a successful brand, Femina is clearly on the right track. If you are interested in Bollywood GupShup and beauty, Femina is the perfect choice for you. Femina covers a lot of information on Filmfare Awards, short film awards, beauty awards, Grazia India and many other things that are mostly based on the entertainment side but you can also find other information that is related to Lifestyle, love, horoscope etc. Femina is your pados wali aunty with a lot of information, but the only difference is that its good information.

9. Hello

Hello is the biggest celebrity magazine in the world. If you want to learn about the hottest entertainment news, you know where to turn. This publication has more than 8 million readers worldwide and provides exclusive information on the hottest celebrity subjects, which are your best bet. Discover all there is to know about the damsel in distress and the hottest rumors only in Hello magazine. In addition to this, they have numerous columns about the economy, sports, new bars, renowned and emerging industrialist CEOs. With Hello magazine, welcome yourself to a  new world of entertainment.

10. Open

Another magazine designed for the smart minds of contemporary India is Open. Open is your go-to magazine choice if you are someone who seeks a broader perspective and broader viewpoints. In addition to sports and movies, they provide cutting-edge commentary on politics, the economy, society, and entertainment. There are many such categories on the list, so you have plenty of options when deciding what to read.

Get into the habit of reading magazines by choosing your preferred go-to option from the list that we have curated for you. Once you start reading these magazines, there is no turning back; there are only monthly renewals. We will return with another topic soon, but until then, you know the drill.


1. What is the longest running magazine in the world?

The "spectator," which officially launched in 1828, became the world's longest-running magazine, with successfully running over 69,985 days as a magazine company.

2. Best financial magazines in India?

Forbes India, Business Today, and India Today are without a doubt the best financial magazines in India. If you are interested in learning about the economy and finance, this is your best bet!

3. How many magazines are there in India?

There are over 300 magazines that are successfully running in India and are bought and read by a large number of viewers based on their preferences, among which we have selected the top ten famous magazine subscriptions for you that you should not miss.

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