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15 Best Movies on Zee5 You Must Watch This Year!

May 9, 2024
best movies on zee5

Zee5 is one of the most popular OTT platforms in India, used by millions of users. They provide a wide range of content and shows that are enjoyed by both adults and children. You can also select from a wide choice of languages preferred for you.

We've compiled a list of the 15 best movies on Zee5 currently trending on the platform that we think you'll enjoy. Gather your family and friends and prepare for a fantastic weekend by watching these amazing movies only on Zee5!

List of 15 Best Movies on Zee5

1. RRR

Our first recommendation under best movies on Zee5 is RRR, which is one of the most anticipated movies directed by Rajamouli. With an astounding budget of around 550 crores, critics were impressed by the fact that the movie did justice to every penny invested. RRR is definitely a blockbuster from the Telugu industry, which features Ram Charan, Junior NTR, Ajay Devgan, Alia Bhatt and many more. The movie revolves around a tale of revolutionaries and their journey away from home. It is also set in the colonial British era of the late 1920s. If you are an avid fanatic of historic movies with a desi touch to it, then RRR is definitely the movie for you.

2. The Kashmir Files

The Kashmir Files is one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2022 rightly fitting under best movies on Zee5. This movie evoked a lot of emotions among the audiences, especially towards our country and its soldiers who dedicate their lives towards our safety. This movie is based on Krishna, who wants to find out the reason behind his parents' death in Kashmir. However, in a series of events he finds out a web of lies and a series of unspoken truths that is definitely going to blow your mind.

3. Kedarnath

Our next suggestion is to remember one of the late stars, Sushant Singh Rajput, who played a beautiful role in our next recommendation, Kedarnath. Sara Ali Khan plays his co-star and compliments him admirably in this film. Mansoor, a Muslim Potter, falls in love with Mukku, the daughter of a religious Hindu priest, in the story. But their love is put to the test against all odds in terms of society and family. Watch Kedarnath now on ZEE5 to also commemorate Sushant Singh Rajput's legacy.

4. Forensic

For the next best movie on Zee5, we have Forensic which is based on officers who come with a history of solving cases. It shows that they deal with a lot of false leads, serial killers, etc. The movie shows how these investigations take place, especially those of murders. And the cast, no doubt, has done an amazing job in portraying this movie and bringing the idea to it. The main concept shows how forensic students examine all these criminal evidence to come up with one suspect in order to solve a case.

5. Spider-Man: No Way Home

Our next recommendation under best movies on Zee5 is Spiderman: No way home. Who doesn’t love Spiderman? We are very sure that this character is so widely loved by everyone from children to adults. Tom Holland plays the role of Spiderman here and this movie also has Andrew Garfield, Zendaya, Tobey Maguire etc. All of them do an amazing job in this movie. The story revolves around Peter Parker who seeks Doctor Strange's help to make people forget about Spiderman’s identity. Watch SpiderMan - No way home on ZEE5 now!

6. Valimai

Ajith fans, we hear you loud and clear. This next recommendation is not just for Ajith fans but also for everyone who loves some South Indian action. The movie revolves around the crime rate which is spiking in a city and seems to have created a lot of ruckus around. Arjun, a police officer, is recruited to restore law and order of the city. Watch Ajith and his super duper action in this movie on Zee5 right now.

7. Aranmanai 3

Even though we all do not like to watch horror, we are sure to enjoy watching it with friends where we can tease each other and watch it somehow, right? Aranmanai 3 is another movie from the Southside. It revolves around Jyothi, the daughter of a landlord who gets haunted in her childhood. However, the spirit begins to trouble her family, but soon they have to uncover the truth. Arya and Andrea Jeremiah are also part of the movie and this movie is directed by Sundar C, one of the renowned directors of the Southside. Don’t miss Aranmanai 3, one of the best movies on Zee5 now!

8. Attack: Part 1

Our next recommendation under best movie on Zee5 is Attack: Part 1, which stars John Abraham. The movie revolves around a terrorist attack. Which makes Arjun paralysed and also leaves him in thoughts of his partner, who was killed. When the person who was responsible for all this chaos returns, Arjun wants to take revenge for all the wrong doings that the attacker unleashed on him and his family. John Abraham does an exemplary portrayal of this character. Watch Attack on the 5 now.

9. Silence... Can You Hear It?

Next up under best movies on Zee5 we have Silence, and this one, especially is for the Manoj Bajpayee fans. The movie revolves around ACP Avinash Sharma, who is a Narcotics officer, assigned to join a special team to investigate a murder. However, the investigation leads to a course of lies and unspoken truths. The movie also stars Prachi Desai, Barkha Singh and others. Watch Silence on Zee5 now.

10. Rashmi Rocket

Next up under best movies on Zee5, we have Rashmi Rocket, played by Taapsee Pannu, one of the best actresses of the Bollywood industry. This movie is based on Rashmi who is a small town girl and she has to overcome manysocietal barriers in order to participate in a national level competition as an athlete. However, she faces a major obstacle when she is asked to undergo a gender test which puts her dreams on hold. Watch Rashmi Rocket, one of the top movies on Zee5 now and find out how she persevered through this struggle.

11. Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana

This next recommendation under best movies on Zee5 is one for the Kannada movie fans. And this movie has gained a lot of attention amongst the audiences for its gripping storyline. The movie revolves around childhood friends named Shiva and Hari, who become one of the most feared and successful gangsters on the coast of Mangalore. However, their friendship is put to a test when politics, greed, power, money and fame overtake their minds. Watch this movie which is rightly among the top movies on Zee5, and find out what happens between these 2 friends.

12. Bob Biswas

Bob Biswas is one of the critically acclaimed movies trending on Zee 5. Abhishek Bacchhan does a great job in portraying the character given to him in Bob Biswas. The movie revolves around an assassin who comes out of a coma and is unable to regain his identity as to who he is. In the course of time, he starts putting the broken puzzles of his memory together and starts to remember his past, which you can only unravel when you watch Bob Biswas, which is certainly one of the good movies on Zee5.

13. Ardh

Ardh is yet another critically acclaimed movie, starring Rajpal Yadav and Rubina Dilaik. The movie revolves around Shiva, who is struggling to become a mainstream actor in Mumbai, which is really difficult. But with the help of his wife Madhu, he disguises himself as a transgender and starts to make money on the street. This is one movie that has a lot of meaning and you have to definitely watch Ardh to understand the struggles of not just a common man, but also a transgender.

14. Jersey  

Nani fans, this one’s for you! Jersey is a Telugu movie based on Arjun, who is a talented cricketer but failed in his career due to unknown circumstances around him. When he decides to come back and resume cricket in his late 30s, he represents the Indian cricket team and he also does this to fulfill his son's wish. This movie is going to melt your hearts because of the chemistry that Arjun and his son holds.

15. Dharmaveer

Last but not the least, this movie revolves around a journalist who sets off to cover the event of a death. In due course of time, his interactions reveal the impact of the leader who has been a favorite among the people who reside in that district. This is a Marathi movie, but still holds a strong message. So if you are someone who wants to watch good movies on Zee5 in other regional languages or witness a different take on stories, then this is certainly a good watch.

16. Oppenheimer

In the tapestry of cinematic brilliance, Oppenheimer directed by Christopher Nolan stands as an emblematic work of art. As the Golden Globe Awards cast their discerning gaze on the cinematic landscape, Oppenheimer positions itself as a frontrunner for 'Best Film - Drama,' inviting audiences to witness a profound journey through history, ethics, and the human condition. Brace yourselves for an immersive experience that transcends the screen and prompts reflection on the intricate tapestry of choices that shape our world.

We hope you enjoy these best movies on Zee5 that we have selected for you and are only available on Zee5. You will never be bored with such a diverse selection of movies and television shows. We guarantee you a fun and exciting week, and we will meet you with another week of shows that we will handpick exclusively for your entertainment.


1. Does ZEE5 have Hollywood movies?

Of course, it has a large selection of Hollywood films and other best movies to watch on Zee5. From Uncharted to Spider-Man: No Way Home, you'll find some of the best Hollywood movies on Zee5 that are guaranteed to make you binge.

2. How many movies are there in ZEE5?

ZEE5 has over 1700+ movies and shows that you can watch from. There are a lot of genres that you can pick from along with a diverse selection of languages. Don't miss this out!

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