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Monthly Vs Annual Subscription - What's best for You?

March 22, 2023
monthly vs annual subscriptions

Wondering if you should buy a monthly or annual subscription? We've got you covered with this perfect blog that will help you find the ideal subscription. There are already a lot of things on your mind, such as your job or which ice cream flavour to choose, and we don't want you to add another one. That is why read this section to find out what type of subscription is best for you.

What is a monthly and annual/yearly subscription?

As we all know, subscriptions are a type of feature in which you can choose to receive a service on a regular basis for a fee. A monthly subscription means you must pay the subscription fees on a monthly basis, and an annual subscription means you will pay the subscription fee for one year.

There is no denying that the subscription industry has already exploded to the point where companies are making millions when users are opting for subscriptions in all categories. As a result, the subscription industry has stepped up its game and provided exceptional customer retention and satisfaction by doing their best and providing features that are appealing to their target audiences. Subscriptions are available for almost any service, whether Digital Subscriptions or physical products.

Are monthly or annual subscriptions better?

If you are certain that you will use a certain subscription for a longer period of time, such as a year, you should definitely opt for a yearly subscription; however, if you or someone you know is thinking about a short-term use for at least three to six months, monthly and quarterly subscriptions are your best bet.

When it comes to subscriptions, we believe that the best investment is a yearly subscription, because you get a lot of benefits and retention of almost one whole year for a great price. Not to say that quarterly or monthly subscriptions are bad investments. As a result, you can most certainly opt for an annual subscription for a reasonable and wholesome price and not have to worry about renewing or canceling your subscriptions for an entire year. Most companies that offer subscriptions tend to give a larger discount and other benefits when you purchase a one-year subscription. Now there is no way that you can miss out on that.

How can Fleek help with saving on subscriptions?

Fleek is your friendly neighbourhood subscription app!

In addition to offering a wide range of deals and discounts on your favourite OTT and physical products, Fleek is your one-stop shop for all things subscriptions. If you want an app that will help you manage, track, and save money on your subscriptions, Fleek is your best bet. In terms of benefits, fleek strives to provide these features:

1. Discover and buy subscriptions at the best prices

2. Exclusive bundles

3. Auto-pay for subscriptions

4. Free trials

5. Get rewarded for renewing them on time

6. Split subscription expenses with your friends

7. Manage your recurring expenses and one place

8. Quick cancel with just one toggle

9. Detect existing subscriptions and manage them

10. All this and many more only on Fleek!

There are over 100 brands from which you can choose and subscribe. All of these are either  monthly subscriptions, quarterly, or yearly. We don't have to think too hard because Fleek allows you to select your subscriptions easily and also cancel them when needed with a single click of the toggle. However, because it is so tailored to that audience, the majority of people will opt for the annual subscriptions that come with a great discount rather than monthly or quarterly subscriptions. As always, the customer is king, and you can select your preferred subscriptions based on your preferences, but the main point is that your entertainment, as well as the price point, is always guaranteed.

So can we buy you a ticket to jump on the Fleek bandwagon already?

We hope you've decided on the type of subscription you want, but whatever you decide, know that Fleek has you covered. Aside from that, make sure to always subscribe to a plethora of entertainment on the Fleek app, and we will return with more interesting topics to discuss and debate on until then, keep calm, and Fleek on.

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