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Are You Spending Too Much on Paid Subscriptions?

March 22, 2023
save money on paid subscriptions

The way people buy has changed for good. We have new expectations as consumers. We prefer outcomes over ownership.

- Tien Tzuo

In layman's terms, a paid subscription is a process in which you, as a consumer, will pay a significant amount, most likely quarterly, annually, or even monthly, to obtain an OTT or digital/physical product subscription.

On that note, are you someone who thinks about how much money is actually spent on subscriptions, which in turn puts you in a difficult position? Regardless of the outcome, paid subscriptions are very satisfying and convenient in terms of having entertainment and physical products delivered to you with the click of a button. Budgetary expectations as a consumer will never change. A budget for all of your subscription needs without being excessively expensive and sacrificing quality or any other aspect is the need of the hour.

As consumers, we are confident that you would have set aside a specific budget for subscriptions, most likely monthly or annually. There has been much discussion about how much to spend on subscriptions and what happens if it becomes too expensive and out of budget.

So, the only way to avoid overspending on page subscriptions is to opt for low-cost services that do not sacrifice entertainment or other features.

Here's three steps that can help you save money on paid subscriptions:

1. Always keep a subscription budget on hand

When you get your salary, write down what kind of subscription has been useful to you over the past few years and making sure you are targeting a certain amount only to use that subscription. You won't be wasting money by doing this, and you are definitely saving a lot of hassle when it comes to overpriced subscriptions. However, if you feel the need to spend a little more than your planned budget on a subscription, you can always work it out for a shorter period after watching your favorite shows and then cancel the subscription at any time. This way, you're only paying for what you see, and there are no unnecessary dormant paid subscriptions.

2. Look for the best deals and discounts

Always look for the best deals and discounts on paid subscription services. Have a 360-degree view of saving money, not just on subscriptions but also on lifestyle. Discover other apps, such as Fleek, that offer great discounts and deals on subscriptions, so you never have to pay full price for your subscriptions without sacrificing quality. Fleek is the ideal marketplace for all things OTT and physical product subscription. It also has curated discounts designed to keep the user coming back for more. By doing so, you save a small amount of money on subscriptions and more space to purchase more paid subscription services if needed. In addition to providing deals and discounts With a single toggle, with Fleek you can also manage, track and cancel subscriptions anytime. They also have an auto pay feature where you can set timely payment reminders so you don't have to worry about missing any payments.

3. Don't allow your subscription lifestyle control you

As we all know, entertainment is something that will never die. Since the pandemic, people have grown accustomed to deliveries at the click of a button. You must always be mindful that you are not allowing paid subscription services to control you rather than you controlling your expenses and the subscription that you want to choose. It is critical to understand your expenses not only in terms of subscriptions but also in terms of overall lifestyle before deciding on which type of subscription to pay for. Along with this, keep in mind that if there are ongoing deals and discounts on paid subscriptions, you can get a whole package at a very reasonable rate without burning a hole in your pocket. By doing so you can still be able to enjoy the subscriptions without jeopardizing your personal lifestyle.

The subscription economy will continue to grow, whether it is for entertainment or physical products. It is critical for you as a consumer to consider the benefits and drawbacks of subscriptions in order to spend wisely. We hope you now have a basic understanding of how to avoid overpaying on premium subscription for better management, and we also hope you will join the Fleek bandwagon, which goes the extra mile for you to keep you and your subscriptions sorted.

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