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The 10 Funniest IPL Tweets From This Week

May 15, 2024
best IPL tweets

We went through some of the best funny IPL moments last week that we are sure would have caught you "LMAO". So we are back with another round of the best IPL moments that will keep you laughing more, and boy do we love a great smile on you after you’ve faced some tense moments due to the match this IPL season!

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So, let's get to the Fleek-Tweets!

Top 10 Best Tweets for This Week!

1. Not sure what we are mad about! The heat or MI not being able to turn up the heat!

2. How’s the JOS-h ? Highesttt sir!!

3. Running out of excuses for IPL, petition to sign a leave of absence for IPL season every year.

4. Let’s just agree on GPL being the best league ever made!

5. RCB taking the phrase “Comeback is always better than the setback” seriously.

6. Me happily holding onto 1% of hope in my life after 99% of it stumped out. 

7. Winning winning winning, Gujarat Titans only choose winning! 

IPL ka rocky bhai #AavaDe

8. Joh pran deta hai woh bhagwan hai … pran bachane wala vaidya … aur pran ki raksha karne wala kshatriya.

9. When she says “Don't worry babe, I just like him as a sportsman.”

Meanwhile the sportsman:

10. The meme might wear out, but MSD magic with his bat will never!

Stumped out on the floor laughing, eh? That's exactly what we expected! Tune in for another weekly dose of IPL tweet shots, and don't forget to catch all the IPL madness on Disney+ Hotstar, for upto 40% off on the app!!

Top 10 IPL Tweets of The Week

1. Picture speaking louder than any caption created!

2. Pandya to Pandya - Yeh Hosla Kaise Jukhe?!

3. Considering the last match is it safe to say that KKR was MUFASA? XD

4. Who will petition Nike to run ads on these extra-protective shoes?

5. But "Yeh TAJ Hai He Bewafa… Sir Badalta Hi Rehta Hai" #JustIPLThings

6. It's great to hear CSK fans wishing FAF a warm welcome! Let’s blow a whistle for CSKs welcoming spirit

7. No, you don't understand! You haven't experienced a fan moment unless you've had one!

8. A captain may step down but the legacy will always continue!

9. ME BEFORE YOU moment happening in cricket? XD

10. Ab Maza Aayega Na Bhidu!

11. Someone almost got lucky! xD

12. That's King size for sure!

Can't believe it's already the end? :( Don't worry, we'll be back with more tweets during the IPL season to keep you entertained! Meanwhile, join Fleek and explore an array of discounts on your favourite OTT and digital platforms!

Just as cricket makes your life light, let Fleek manage your subscriptions and make your life easy!

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