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Top 10 Webseries in India To Watch In 2024

May 8, 2024
top 10 webseries in india

Last week, we recommended some amazing movies on Amazon Prime that we're sure you watched with your family and friends. This week, we're back with another recommendation of the best web series of 2024 streaming on your favorite OTT platforms that you can binge on  this weekend.

Top web series in India are thriving right now and are widely watched throughout India because they have created some gripping and interesting stories that will leave you in much anticipation of  what could happen next. Isn't that what we do at the end of a long weekend?Like anticipating what a Monday would be like? But for the moment go stop lurking into those thoughts and watch these amazing series on  Top 10 webseries in India.

List of Top 10 Webseries in India

1. Mirzapur

Amazon Prime

If you are a fan of web series, we are confident that you have not missed out on Mirzapur, the web series that has captivated the entire country. Mirzapur is located in India, in the heart of UP, where two brothers play different roles in order to take over the wealth and other sources of power, but they end up having a lot of blood shed and cruelty along the way. But they do not hinge back from doing anything because their eyes are fixed on the price. It demonstrates that nothing can stand in the way of hunger for power and greed for wealth, not even their own families, but there is a twist that you should watch out for.

2. Panchayat

Amazon Prime

Our next recommendation under Top 10 webseries in India is Panchayat. The show has grown in popularity, and a second season is all set to be released. What makes the show so popular is undoubtedly the plot and the humor, both of which are superbly performed by the cast. It's about an engineering student who can't find a job he likes in the city, so he ends up staying in his village and fixing small things that happen around him. But he appears to be enjoying his life in the village, which is both simple and tedious to be in. The quirkiness and humor of this show are unquestionably addictive.

3. Rocket Boys

Sony Liv

Currently streaming on SonyLiv, it is one of the most talked-about shows in India. It has a huge fan base, making it one of the most popular shows to watch. It has an amazing cast, including Jim Sharb. Saba Azad, and many others, have played their parts so well and given it the spotlight that it deserves. The story is based on Homi J Bhabha, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and India's nuclear programme. Their journey also includes Mrinalini Sarabhai, a strong pillar in Dr. Sarabhai's life, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, and it depicts the various elements of sacrifice, friendship, and other hardships that are encountered along the way.

4. The Family Man

Amazon Prime

Fans of Manoj Bajpayee, we hear you loud and clear and have listed this series among the Top 10 webseries in India. The Family Man is one of India's most talked and watched shows, and it is still trending and hyped. The cast is fantastic. Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha have played their characters so well and have certainly drawn the audience towards their magic! The plot revolves around a middle-class man who joins the Bureau of Investigation to track down criminals and bring them to justice. However, this is not your typical criminal story, as it contains elements of humor, quirkiness, and seriousness. Catch up on all the action by watching Family Man on Amazon Prime right now.

5. Kota Factory


Who doesn't despise exams? I'm sure we all went through the sleepless long nights and the results that would come the next day or after many days. However, that was a thrilling experience in and of itself, because now as adults, we  definitely miss college and school life. Again, one of India's most well-known series  and rightly fit under Top 10 webseries in India, Kota Factory revolves around a group of students attempting to pass the JEE exam. The series is called Kota Factory because it is set in the Kota town of Rajasthan  and depicts the lives of students who have to crack this examination through their dedication and all the fun things that happen in college to relieve your stress.

6. Scam 1992

Sony Liv

How can we miss Scam 1992 under Top 10 webseries in India? It is one of those series that sparked the most interest among Indian audiences, because it is based on the true story of one of the biggest names in the stock market, Harshad Mehta. He established a large franchise of name and fame in the stock market, making him well-known in that field, and he skyrocketed the stock market's revenue to new heights. The story revolves around the struggles of Harshad Mehta and his journey to becoming one of the biggest names in the stock market. This is one of the web series in India that you don't want to miss if you want to understand how India's stock market got its start.

7. Undekhi


Who doesn't enjoy a good crime thriller web series in India? I'm sure everyone enjoys watching crime thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat. Undekhi is a crime thriller that revolves around all things criminal and all things wedding that frequently suppress the weaker sections. The main plot of the story revolves around how wealthy people can get away with anything because they are not bound by legal or societal norms. Find out what happens now by watching Undekhi on Sony Liv and our 5th recommendation under Top 10 webseries in India.

8. Aranyak


This next recommendation is a very gripping series and the best web series in India that has recently come to the fore with its storyline and amazing cast who portrayed such a sensitive topic in a very decent manner. Aranyak is about how a small town has dangerous pockets where a girl goes missing out of nowhere and then turns up dead after a few days. But, before that, there are numerous suspects and theories surrounding the death, which the series explores in a riveting manner. Discover the suspense on Netflix right now.

9. Aarya


Sushmita Sen returns with her charming persona and aura that she never fails to bring to the screen. Our next series recommendation under Top 10 webseries in India is another crime thriller and suspense that features family drama. Aarya's plot revolves around how a normal housewife learns about her husband's wrongdoings and illegal business and quickly wants to put a stop to it as a responsible mother and citizen herself. However, she faces numerous obstacles that she must overcome in order to achieve her goal!

10. Apharan


Aparan is one of India's best OTT web series. If we could interpret why, it would be because of its daring storyline and also for bringing to light the inward atrocities. Aparan is about an inspector who is tricked into kidnapping a young girl in exchange for money, but soon a series of lies and unfolding events put an end to this chain of illegal activities, forcing the inspector to come out and find ways to come out clean.

Already looking forward to watching these best Indian web series of all time after reading the summaries? I'm sure you're going to binge watch a lot of this amazing Indian web series that we've suggested for you this weekend. Also, don't waste time searching the Internet for these web series because Fleek has you covered with not only these OTT subscriptions but also great discounts on them so you don't miss out on the fun and don't end up paying full price!



1. Which web series has the highest rating?

Undoubtedly the award for the web series with the highest rating of 4.6 on IMDb goes to Mirzapur!

2. Which is the most viewed web series in India?

Mirzapur indeed is the most viewed web series in India/ The story revolves around atrocities between two families in the streets of Mirzapur. Watch now on Amazon Prime.

3. Are Indian web series popular internationally?

Proudly yes! We do have some Indian web series that are  popular internationally such as
Family Man
A Suitable Boy
Four More Shots Please

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