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Starts ₹1657/year

Livemint is one of India's most premium business news publications, ranking first among Indian business publications. With a Livemint subscription, you get your daily dose of international, business and other news in the sectors of technology, finance etc as well as updates on the stock markets around the world. 

LiveMint Subscription plans

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1 year

What you get

  • Exclusive 12-months access to Defence Market & Intelligence Report
  • Get daily news updates on WhatsApp
  • Ad Lite - a minimal ad experience
  • Access to Mint premium articles
  • The best of the Wall Street Journal
  • Access to Mint ePaper and Archives
23% OFF


With more than 76% of readers in India alone, Livemint is without a doubt one of India's premium business news publications providing the best business news - both national and international news and is a rich source of information on topics like the financial market. ...see more.

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