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Starts ₹1 / 3 months

Mfine is your one-stop shop for all of your medical needs. Online consultations are just a click away for your health concerns.

mfine Subscription Plans

Upto 40% extra discount using FleekCoin

mfine care membership - 3 Month (Trial)

What you get

  • 50% off on all online doctor consultation on Mfine after 3 months.
  • Value of cost 30 + facilities including physician, covid-19 specialist, orthopedician diabetologist, dietitian, pediatrician, gynecologist, skin and hair specialist, dentist, heart specialist, mental health expert, ENT specialist, urologist and more.
  • Free follow up online or at the hospital for up to five days from the consultation date, all speciality is included.


Looking for a medical and healthcare app that can do it all? Look no further, because is here to assist. Mfine is your best bet for finding the best Healthcare app, with over 20 lifestyle and condition-based health packages, 1000+ tests, high safety standards, and online reports delivered within 24 to 48 hours...see more.

Benefits of mfine subscription offer with Fleek

  • Buy a Medibuddy subscription on Fleek at just Rupee 1.
  • Also get cashback, rewards, & Fleekcoin in addition to great discounts.
  • Fleek also has one-click auto-renewal to reduce your monthly payment hassle.
  • You can manage Mfine and other subscriptions, all in one app, with just a toggle!
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