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20 Best Movies on Amazon Prime India

May 9, 2024
best movies on amazon prime

We delivered a series of family movies last week that we are confident would have brought you and your family closer together. So let's not break that streak and stay tuned as we return with another new list of the best movies on Amazon Prime India. We have something for everyone, from action to romance to comedy we have the perfect top movies. Get ready for Prime week with Fleek with these Best movies on Amazon Prime India!

Amazon Prime is one of the most well-known OTT services, with a wide range of genres of shows that will keep you binge-watching for hours and hours. As we all know, Amazon is one of the world's largest channels, and they also have some great selected shows available. They also have some great deals up to a 40% discount on Fleek and don’t stop streaming all of the best movies on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Movies List:

1. Drishyam 2

Starring Ajay Devgn and Tabu, Drishyam 2 is a fitting sequel to the first Drishyam, which received a lot of love from audiences around the country. While it remains quite loyal to the Malayalam original, the film starts about 7 years after the first one. It's about the aftermath of a successful murder conspiracy and the toll that continued police interrogation can take on a family. It's perhaps one of the best remakes Bollywood has seen in recent years.

2. Kantara

If you haven't been living under a rock, you've surely heard about Kantara, Rishabh Shetty's Kannada blockbuster that took the country by storm. While the film focuses on folklore and native Kannada culture, it also acts a critique of the suffering endured by native tribes, at the hands of law enforcement, and the unspeakable atrocities that have been committed in the name of caste hierarchy. Kantara is a must-watch for it's writing, cinematography and acting!

3. Ponniyin Selvan Part 1

Mani Ratnam's retelling of Kalki's 2000-page magnum opus is a class in filmmaking. Mani Ratnam successfully cuts out the faff and retains all the important parts from 2.5 of the 5 books in the series. With a stellar, larger-than-life cast, that includes Vikram, Karthi, Prakash Raj, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and others, the age-old Chola dynasty comes to life. Watch this first part on Prime Video soo, before the second part hits the screens this year!

4. Lincoln

Lincoln is a re-enactment of a film from the past and stands top amongst the best movies on Amazon Prime. It's a biographical historical drama based on Abraham Lincoln. If you enjoy history, you will undoubtedly enjoy this film, which revolves around Abraham Lincoln and his genius policies of running the constitution of the United States of America, demonstrating his policies of how to run a government as he was rightly referred to as Honest Abe.

5. The Big Sick

Big sick, contrary to its name, will not make you sick, but will keep you ROFLing on the floor with its amazing comedy delivery. This next best movie on Amazon Prime revolves around a guy from Pakistan who falls in love with his girlfriend, who is in a coma after suffering from an illness. How will Kumail handle this? And, over time, he begins to spend more time with her parents, who are deeply concerned about her!


6. Bajirao Mastani

Our next best movie on Amazon Prime is one of the biggest films in Indian cinema, it gained a lot of popularity and fame for shining a light on Indian cinema and its kings! This film is based on the story of Peshwa Bajirao and his queen, Kashbai, but he falls in love with Mastani because of her bravery and strength. They must win their love by defying societal expectations. Will they triumph over their love or accept their fate at the hands of love?

7. Hatchi: A Dog’s Tale

Dog lovers, get ready with your tissues because this is one of those films that will make you cry. Hatchi is the story of a small dog who has a special bond with his owner. After his owner's death, he has no idea where he went, so she returns to the same location where he last saw his master for years! Are you already convinced that this is a heartbreaking story? Now is the time to watch Hatchi and cuddle your pets.


8. Kotigobba 3 

Sudeep, also known as Kiccha Sudeep, is one of the most praised stars in the Kannada industry. He has undoubtedly delivered some of the greatest hits in Kannada and other regional languages, but he also has a strong personality that will keep you hooked. Kotigobba 3 is a sequel in which Satya becomes an international criminal, making him a target for many of his enemies. Will Satya emerge victorious?


9. Maharshi

The next film stars none other than universal superstar Mahesh Babu. You can bet you're in for a treat when it comes to the charm for Mahesh Babu and his action style! This film revolves around his return to India after a long absence to see a friend, which causes him to realize the true state of his home. He then decides to assist his friend and the village in which he lives in overcoming the various obstacles that they face.


10. Kai Po Che

One of the films in which Sushant Singh Rajput's legacy will live on which makes it one of the top movies for sure! Kai Po Che is a film starring Sushant Singh Rajput, the star who passed away too soon. The story revolves around three boys from a small town who want to pursue their dream of playing cricket, but society and the world throw up a frenzy of unexpected events that threaten their fate and dedication. Watch what happens and strike this movie out on your Amazon Prime movies list!

11. Karnan

Who doesn't enjoy Dhanush? He is an actor par excellence who has delivered top movies up the ladder and boy did he gain some fans with the amazing movies that he creates with his versatile performance. Karnan is a socially acclaimed film that depicts the struggles of a small village and its people who have been subjected to the wealthy's pressure. Karnan, on the other hand, decides to turn the tables and bring peace to his village. Karnan is streaming now on Amazon Prime.


12. V

How can you resist NANI the telugu movie star's endearing yet powerful performance? We obviously can't, which is why it rightly falls under the Amazon Prime movies list? V is a film that will capture your attention with its action scenes and gripping performances by a serial cop and a serial killer, as well as the tension between them. It also has some playful comedy and dark humor now streaming on Amazon Prime.


13. The Priest

Yes, Mammoty fans, we hear you scream for this next Best movie on Amazon Prime India. We all know that Mammoty is well-known in the Malayalam film industry as one of the oldest actors who is still regarded as one of the best. The Priest was one of Mollywood's most anticipated films. It revolves around a priest who tries to solve a murder mystery, but as time passes, he discovers many hidden and disturbing facts that led to the murder. This will keep you on your toes so you definitely have to check this on your Amazon Prime movies list!


14. Sardar Udham

He may have broken your heart with his marriage with Kat, but he never does so when it comes to movies. Our next film under the  Amazon Prime movies list is Sardar Udham which  is based on a lawyer who seeks vengeance on Michael O'Dwyer, the mastermind and Punjab's lieutenant governor. He was the catalyst for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Will Udham Singh repent of his corrupt ways? You'll have to wait and see the action that is streaming now on Amazon Prime!


15. House of Gucci 

She is well-known for her chart-topping songs and millions of records sold worldwide! She is a one-woman army with a wide range of abilities. We're referring to none other than LADY GAGA! The film is full of ferocity as it tells the story of a small-town girl who marries into one of the most prestigious fashion houses, "GUCCI," and how, over time, there is betrayal, jealousy, and so on. But she doesn't let down her guard! Watch this Best movie on Amazon Prime India streaming now!


16. Dear Comrade

This is one for Vijay Devarakonda fans! Dear Comrade is one of the films in which Vijay established himself as one of the finest actors in the Telugu film industry. Apart from his lover boy roles in most of his films, he delivered a stern and agile performance. Vijay, who plays Bobby in the film, falls in love with Lilly, a state-level cricketer, but his temper and anger issues cause him to drift away from his family and the only love of his life. Will he be a different man when he returns? Now is the time to find out!


17. Raazi

Alia Bhat is well-known for her versatility as an actress. She can play a cute, lovable girl as well as a tough-guy cop. Raazi is one such film in which Alia pushes herself to the limit in order to bring out the true spirit of the story, which revolves around the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, and in which Sehmat marries a Pakistani family in order to gather internal information. Will Sehmat endure this unjust journey?


18. Theri

Clear the way, Thallapathy has arrived! As we all know, Vijay has a massive fan base not only in the south, but all over the world. Theri is one of Vijay's most talked-about films, and it also stars Samantha. The plot revolves around DCP Vijaya Kumar, who has a difficult past and strives to protect his daughter at all costs, even if it means leaving his past behind. But the gangsters refuse to let him live a peaceful life; how will he overcome this?


19. Alai Payuthey

The next film I recommend is Alai Payuthey, a timeless classic starring none other than Madhavan and rightly fits under best movies on Amazon Prime . With its acting, stage play, and exceptional music, the film has unquestionably raised the bar for not only the Tamil film industry, but also for Indian cinema in general. The plot revolves around Karthik and Shakti, who marry against the wishes of their family members, only to discover that marriage is not always a bed of roses.


20. Mahaan

Mahaan, as Chiyaan VIkram affectionately refers to it, is a new age film with the old Vikram spark that never fails to try his hardest when it comes to delivering a movie and a superb performance. The plot revolves around Gandhi Mahaan, who was abandoned by his family and becomes a teacher, which works in his favor and allows him to become a billionaire, but over time, he faces numerous challenges from which he must emerge victorious.


21. Home

The heart is where the home is. Home is the only thing that keeps us connected and grounded no matter where we drift. Maintaining the same spirit and message is our next best movie on Amazon Prime which is Home,  a film about the realities of life and family, as well as how they change over time. The main plot revolves around an elderly father who is attempting to reconnect with his four sons. This is unquestionably a heartwarming film that you should watch with your family now streaming on Prime!


22. Mad Max - Fury Road

Our next best movie on Amazon Prime is a perfect fit for the title, which will definitely get your adrenaline pumping! The real deandal of the film is its stars, Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, who play the toughest roles in the film. They must band together to overthrow Immortan Joe and his cronies, who want to rule the entire civilization with their unjust rules. You clearly cannot afford to miss this ferocious action which stands under the perfect recommendation as Best movies on Amazon Prime India!

23. Dada

Indulge in the heartfelt tale of love, loss, and redemption with 'Dada', now streaming on Prime Video. Starring Kavin and Aparna Das, this poignant movie follows the journey of a young couple who find themselves unexpectedly thrust into parenthood, only to face the harsh realities of life that tear them apart.

As Manikandan navigates the challenges of single parenthood, 'Dada' explores themes of resilience, sacrifice, and the enduring power of love to heal even the deepest wounds. With heartfelt performances and a touching narrative, the film reminds us that no matter how far we fall, redemption is always within reach.

For viewers seeking an emotional and uplifting cinematic experience, 'Dada' offers a compelling story that will tug at your heartstrings and leave a lasting impact. Tune in to Prime Video and witness the transformative journey of love and forgiveness in 'Dada'.

We want you to keep up with all of these movies, and what better platform to do so than Amazon Prime? We hope you enjoy watching all of these best movies on Amazon Prime India! If you don’t own Prime do subscribe to a great deal with upto 40% off on Amazon Prime with Fleek!



1. What is the best movie on Amazon Prime today?

The best movie on Amazon Prime India now is the Siddarth Malhotra and Kiara Advani starrer Shershah. The movie is based on a young man who aspires to become a soldier and stands in the midst of the Kargil war one day that creates a distance between his personal life.

2. What are the most viewed movies on Amazon Prime?

List of the most viewed best movie on Amazon Prime are:

  • One Night in Miami. Year: 2021. Director: Regina King.
  • Raging Bull. Year: 1980. Director: Martin Scorsese. 
  • Fargo. Year: 1996.
  • Lincoln. Year: 2012.
  • Train to Busan. Year: 2016. 
  • Young Frankenstein. Year: 1974.
  • Tangerine. Year: 2015. 
  • The Terminator. Year: 1984.

3. What new movies are playing on Amazon Prime?

  • Wild season 2 
  • A beautiful mind
  • Few good men

Are some of the new movies on Amazon Prime that were released in May. 

4. Which is the best English movie on Amazon Prime India?

The best English movie streaming on Amazon Prime that is currently viewed a lot in India is 

“Saving Private Ryan” starring none other than Tom Hanks himself!

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