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20 Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime

January 12, 2024
best tamil movies on amazon prime

When you consider Tamil films, not everything is about action and adventure. They are well-known for giving us raw feelings and a diverse range of true stories from the most talented set of directors, most likely in the entire world. And the Tamil industry has certainly expanded, not only in terms of talent, but also in the films they make. This year has seen some of the best Tamil films they've produced.

From Vikram to Beast, all of these films have demonstrated what true talent is along with hard work. We have curated some of the best Tamil movies that you must watch on Amazon Prime.

Without further adieu, consider this week's movie recommendations of best tamil movies on amazon prime, simply a stroke of luck!

20 Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime

1. Soorarai Pottru

A movie that perfectly depicts that the sky isn’t the limit!

Soorarai Pottru is unarguably one of the best movies of not only Surya, but the whole Tamil film industry. This movie has broken multiple records after being nominated for Oscars as well as receiving several national awards. Based and inspired by the true events of a well-known entrepreneur, Gopinath R, who changed the face of aviation in our country. Surya’s performance has been nothing but outstanding and the storyline is simply the absolute best. The screenplay and cinematography is a work of art and surely is a must-watch and one of the best tamil movies on amazon prime.

2. Bigil

Leave it to Thalapathi to ace it from Gilli to Bigil!

Bigil is a sports based action cinema starring Vijay and Nayanthara. Vijay gives up his dream of becoming a football player after his father's death, but a friend convinces him to turn his life around by coaching a women's football team. Directed by Atlee, the film has amazing cinematography and repeat worthy music.

3. Jai Bhim

This movie showed Surya not just as a reel hero but also a real life hero for the risk he took in bringing forward the true atrocities to the limelight! And it’s not just Surya but the whole cast made the movie the way it is.

The movie talks about serious and sensitive issues such as police brutality and how people from the lower class have fallen victim to it. This film will particularly make you feel privileged to live in a metropolitan society. The storyline is extremely gripping and keeps you glued to the screen. Overall it is a great thought provoking movie and is a must watch tamil movie on amazon prime.

4. Alaipayuthey

We bet Madhavan can still ease your heart with that smile!

A cute love story of Karthik and Shakthi is made for the young and way ahead of its time! The storyline talks and explains about love in a different language which might be found contradicting our society. One of the most interesting aspects of this film is that it showed that love marriages are not as blissful and easy as they sound. They are in fact very much complicated. Last but not the least. It’s the great Mani Rathnam who directed this masterpiece. A true asset to the Indian and Tamil cinema industry!

5. Sarpatta Parambarai

Kabilan: The Rocky Balboa of India

Yes, you heard that right! Sarpatta Parambarai is by far one of the best movies of Arya. This isn’t your regular boxing movie. Kabilian (Aarya) totally owned this role and gave his all for this film. This movie is a mixture of love, hate, loyalty and betrayal. The storyline takes you back to the 1970’s and revolves around the rivalry between the clans Sarpatta Parambarai & Idiyappa Parambarai and the struggles faced around that period of time. A well scripted movie directed by Pa. Ranjith is one for the ages and a must watch.

6. Asuran

This Dhanush-Vetri Maaran combo is bound to leave you speechless!

Asuran is an absolute work of art. A storyline so raw and gripping that it will leave you speechless.  It reminded us that a few bad movies aren't gonna make Dhanush a bad actor. The storyline is highly gripping and reminds us no matter how much we try to run away from our past, it always has a way of catching up to us. The cast and screenplay are very well written and have some amazing music. With a brilliant cast along with Dhanush, this is considered to be one of the finest movies on amazon prime and in the Indian film industry.

7. VIP 2

VIP 2 is the much-awaited sequel to the blockbuster, VIP. The movie starts from exactly where it left off, except Raghuvaran (Dhanush) is now married and is experiencing how tough married life can be. Despite all the difficult circumstances, he decides to start his own company, but things start to heat up when an ambitious business woman decides to stand up against them. The movie has amazing music, repeat-worthy songs and is a great watch.

8. Kaala

Get Rajinified is all we need to say for this movie!

Kaala is a proper treat for the Rajini fandom. The superstar couldn’t have come back in a better way and the plot was absolutely top-notch. The storyline was based on Kaala keeping the people of Dharavi safe from the gruel politicians and land mafia.

9. Karnan

A local hero to rescue the people from the atrocities caused by the society.

This is a story of 2 villages Melur & Podiyankulam having disputes over a bus stop and the struggles faced by the villagers of Podiyankulam. Karnan is a slightly similar spin off to that of Asuran and Jai Bhim. It shows us how the low class people of our society are highly affected by police brutality. The screenplay of this film is intense and has amazing quality of music.

10. Pudhupettai

This Selvaraghavan & Dhanush is a cult favorite and will last for ages to come.

Dhanush has been on the list quite a few times and you will not regret it! The movie, which is way ahead of its time released in 2004. The brothers duo have made quite a few classics and this has to be the best of them all. Hands down. The plot revolves around a small town boy evolving into a don to a politician. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja sets the tone for the film and also makes you listen to these tracks on repeat.

11. Raatchasi

There are not a lot of movies about the education system in the Tamil film industry. Despite the story being highly predictable and mainstream, the way in which the film was narrated was absolutely brilliant. The story is about a stubborn headmistress who teaches everyone a lesson as she fights against corrupt officials to bring up her government-run school. The movie talks about how the relationship between teachers and students has to be. The movie gives a strong underlying message to society and is a great watch.

12. Boss Engira Bhaskaran

A perfect Arya and Santhanam romantic comedy yet again!

The movie is filled with witty comebacks and one liners that will keep you laughing. The film is as much a story on friendship as it is on romance. The plot is based on a carefree guy Bhaskaran who falls in love with a professor Chandrika. So to win her love, he decides to do the craziest thing possible: start a coaching class to teach students.

13. Darbaar

It’s Rajini’s Darbaar always and forever! And Rajini’s character as Aditya Arunasalam is the icing on the cake!

AR Murugadoss yet again pulls off an amazing story with a combination of action, romance, comedy, and emotion. Rajini’s performance as usual has been absolutely top notch and Anirudh’s music and BGM quality is absolutely breathtaking. The plot is based on the commissioner of Mumbai Police who sets out to catch a drug peddler. In the meanwhile, he uncovers a deeper controversy linked to an international drug lord. The movie is a treat for Rajini fans and is a must-watch.

14. Kuttram Kuttramae

The plot is based on a police officer who sets out on an investigation when a villager’s sister gets murdered. The movie is all about how the police officer catches the person responsible.

This movie is one of the finest Suseenthiran movies you can expect to watch. The narrative style of this film is highly unique and unlike anything you might’ve ever seen before. The cast were absolutely spot on and extremely well written for their characters. There might be scenes where you feel like the direction could have been better, but the storyline is so gripping that it keeps you glued to the screen. This one is a highly recommended movie for thriller enthusiasts.

15. Viswasam

Thala pola varuma is all we need to say for this!

Viswasam is a proper mix of action, comedy and romance. The music is absolutely amazing, has immense repeat quality, and makes sure to keep you hooked. The plot is based on a chieftain who decides to drift away from his wife and daughter after she gets injured in a fight. Many years later, he decides to return back to protect his daughter from uninvited problems and people from the past.

16. Maara

Maara has set an absolutely high standard for remakes in the southern film industry. It might be wrong to call Maara a remake of Charlie. It's more of an adoption of Charlie. The storyline is well written and highly gripping and makes sure to hold your attention till the very end. The screenplay was extremely well set, never too dramatic, just simple and extremely realistic. The movie also has extremely good music quality and is a great watch.

17. Middle Class Madhavan

Middle class Madhavan gives us a spitting image of the difficulties faced by an upcoming lawyer who lives in a joint family. Vivek and Vadivelu totally steal the show and play their roles exceptionally well. The comedy is so good that every time you rewatch it, you find something more funny you missed before. The cast, screenplay, comedy and the music, everything is just top notch and it is a great watch.

18. Jallikattu

This movie is a technical masterpiece and absolutely well written. The first 20 minutes of the movie is absolutely breathtaking, the camera work was spot on and the crew knew what they were doing. The screenplay was extremely smooth and perfect. Each and every scene's ambience was flawlessly brought through technical authentic sound design. This movie is a treat to both the eyes and the ears and is a great watch.

19. Kodiyal Oruvan

Kodiyal Oruvan is unlike any movie you would’ve seen before and is one of the few political thrillers in the Tamil film industry. Vijay Antony’s monotonous acting style totally steals the show as he completely owns the role. The plot is extremely well written and narrated and the music has amazing repeat quality. The plot is about an IAS aspirant who faces a huge challenge when he opposes a powerful miscreant.

20. Ponmagal vandhal

Jyotika always brings out movies that are a favorite of every woman!

Ponmagal Vandhal is one of the few legal dramas written in the southern film industry.  This one is definitely worth the watch for its brilliant screenplay and direction. Jyothika was brilliantly cast and owned the role to herself. Instead of cheesy dialogues and one liners, the movie was extremely realistic. The plot is based on a lawyer who takes on the case of a woman who was branded a serial killer.


1. Which is the best Tamil Movie on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is one of the best platforms to tune in and watch Tamil Movies as it has an excellent collection of the top hits in the Tamil industry. As per the ratings, the best movie to watch on Amazon Prime would be Soorarai Pottru. Starred by Surya, this is unarguably one of the best movies of all time and surely is a must watch if you haven’t seen it already.

2. Which OTT is best for Tamil movies?

Technically speaking, there is no best OTT for a particular language or genre as each OTT application has its own collection of movies. Amazon Prime has an excellent collection of movies from the classics to the latest hits.

3. Which is the highest grossing Tamil movie ever?

According to google, the highest grossing Tamil movie is Baahubali 2, but we all know that Bahubali is originally from the telugu film industry. Therefore, the highest grossing Tamil movie would be Endhiran 2.0 with a total box office collection of 660 crores.

4. Which is the highest rated Tamil movie ?

The position of the highest rated Tamil movie is held not by one, but 5 movies namely: Anbe Sivam, Nayakan, Pariyerum Perumaal, Jai Bhim, and Soorarai Pottru. All of these movies are one of the greatest pieces of cinema to be shot and are exceptionally good.

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