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The Ultimate List of 40 South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi

March 30, 2023
 South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi

We're back with 40 latest South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi because, as we all know, South Indian movies are all about action and have a separate fan base around the world!

Most of us enjoy the concept of South Indian movies, story characters and all the drama that goes with them because they are so natural in their acting and bring out the magic in the story. They also have different types of styles that each hero or heroine or any type of actor has that is very unique to their personality and style that is widely followed by a lot of fans all over the world and not just a South Indian crowd.

From Rajini's famous sunglass routine to Ajith's Thala pose, everyone loves a South Indian touch when it comes to movies, which is why we have some latest South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi so you don't miss out on the action and language most certainly isn’t your issue anymore!

40 South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi

1. KGF Chapter 1

Amazon Prime

We're all in for KGF this year, and we all know how big this film has been. KGF has already moved on to the second chapter. Chapter one has been dubbed in Hindi for all fans who want to get a taste of what a South Indian action really looks like. The story revolves around a young boy who hails from humble beginnings fulfilling the promise he gave to his dying mother. Tune into Amazon Prime now and watch KGF chapter 1.

2. Bahubali 1

Amazon Prime

Bahubali was one of the most anticipated movies in India and is one of the high budget movies made in India and still stands as one of the highest grossing movies made. Well you can't deny that it is definitely a high budget movie with amazing cast scenes location etc it also has a really good storyline on kingdoms and all things grand.

3. V

Amazon Prime

Who doesn't adore Nani from the Telugu film industry? He's often known for his bubbly character, but in the film V he plays the role of a cop who is deeply disturbed by the death of his wife and must find out who did this to his family. Stream V, one of the Hindi dubbed movies now available on Amazon Prime.

4. Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India


Popularly known as Mr. Perfect and never fails to put a smile on your face, we're talking about Allu Arjun! Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India is a film about a cop who struggles with anger management issues. He is barred from serving until he gains control of his anger issues. Meanwhile, he seeks the assistance of a Doctor who can assist him in controlling this so that he can return to duty.

5. Jhai Bhim

Amazon Prime

This next recommendation is for the Surya fans. Jhai Bhim is a movie that revolves around a lawyer who strives to find justice for a lady who lost her husband due to atrocities committed by the policemen of that village. They actually suppress her because she is from a small village, but Surya, who plays the role of a lawyer, does not give up and fights alongside her for justice.

6. Darbar

MX Player

Rajini Sir is popular in all parts of the country, including the south, North, East or West. Darbar is one of Rajini Sir's best films, in which he plays a cop who must investigate the death of his daughter. In the course of events, he realises that his daughter was murdered so he seeks out to find the suspects and bring an end to their domain.

7. Dil Dhadak Dhadak

MX Player

Nobody enjoys waiting, but if it is for the right person, anyone is more than willing to wait! Dil Dhadak Dhadak is one such film about two lovers who fall in love but time has other plans for them. Surya falls in love with Vaishali, but she refuses to accept it because of her past trauma, but she promises to meet Surya exactly one year later. Will she come back?

8. RX 100

Amazon Prime

Stranded love has its own beauty. RX 100 is a film about Shiva, who falls in love with Indu, but Indu marries someone else, leaving Shiva a broken man. This alters him and his outlook on starting a new life without her. Watch this South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi on Amazon Prime now.

9. Mayavan

Amazon Prime

The basic rule of detecting criminal activity is to identify his pattern and think ahead of their thoughts. Exactly what this next recommendation is. Mayavan is about a cop who tries to solve a crime but things get complicated when he uncovers a series of mysteries and patterns about the criminal.

10. MCA

Amazon Prime

The plot revolves around a brother-in-law who tries to protect his sister-in-law, who works in the transportation industry and finds herself in trouble with goons who work illegally in the transport industry.

11. Theeran

Disney+ Hotstar

Police-criminal stories are always full of unexpected twists and turns! Theeran is yet another police criminal drama that revolves around an officer who is transferred to another location where a gang of ruthless thieves cause commotion and atrocities that he has to put an end to.

12. The Return of Abhimanyu

Disney+ Hotstar

Stories about hacking are always fascinating, aren't they? Next on the list under South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi is “The Return of Abhimanyu” that revolves around a military officer who uses forged documents and borrows money from a bank to marry off his sister. However, the money goes missing, and he soon realizes that it was stolen by a hacker. Will he catch the hacker and discover his other methods?

13. Khaidi No. 150

Disney+ Hotstar

This recommendation and one of the best south Indian movies stars none other than Chiranjeevi, one of the biggest actors of the Telugu industry. The plot revolves around Seenu, a prisoner who sends his lookalike, Shankar, to jail and then goes outside to enjoy life. Over time, he discovers that Shankar was a very kind man who performed noble deeds that Seenu must now continue.

14. VIP 2

Disney+ Hotstar

We're sure everyone loves Danush from the South side. And the majority of us would have already seen VIP 1. VIP 2 is a sequel to the first part that revolves around a jobless graduate who tries hard to find work but then meets a powerful woman who wants to bring him down which in turn challenges him to bring himself back up.

15. Sabse Badhkar Hum 2

Amazon Prime

We might not admit it, but who doesn't enjoy a good family drama? The dynamic duo Mahesh Babu and Samantha Ruth Prabhu star in Sabse Badhkar Hum 2. The plot revolves around Relangi, who has two sons who are both unemployed and fall in love with the double trouble Seetha and Geetha. The story revolves around the chaos that exists between them.

16. Jersey

Disney+ Hotstar

Cricket is one of those games that everyone enjoys not just playing but also watching. Jersey is about a cricketer who wants to return to cricket in his late 30s to fulfill his dream of being a cricketer while also fulfilling his son's wishes. Now you can watch an amazing game in action, as well as Nani’s superb acting, on Hotstar.

17. Dhruva

Disney+ Hotstar

There is a massive medical mafia in town, and Dhruv, an honest and sincere IPS officer, is the only hope of putting an end to it. The plot revolves primarily around this line and contains all of the action you'd expect from a crime film.

18. Maari 2

MX Player

Maari 2 is back with more action and entertainment along with the charisma of Dhanush yet again. Maari 2 is based on Aanandhi, who falls in love with Maari  despite knowing he is a gangster because he saved her sister's life, but Maari's main goal is to end Beeja who murdered his brother.

19. Boomerang

Disney+ Hotstar

As the name implies,Boomerang is a series of events that come back to you. The plot revolves around a man who loses his appearance and adopts a new identity, but through the course of events, he meets new people who show him his previous life, bringing back memories for him to remember.

20. No 1. Mr. Perfect

Amazon Prime

This recommendation comes from none other than Prabhas, one of the most popular actors in Telugu cinema. The plot revolves around Vicky, who breaks off his engagement to his childhood friend Priya because he believes marriage requires too many compromises. But, over time, he realizes the importance of such compromises.

21. Vikram Vedha

Disney+ Hotstar

Vikram Vedha is one of the most well-known films in the South Indian film industry, starring the power duo Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. The plot revolves around Vikram, a police officer who sets out to find Vedha, but when Vedha surrenders, he tells Vikram a story that throws a lot of complications and eye-opening situations his way.

22. Dear Comrade

Disney+ Hotstar

Our next South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi is Dear Comrade. Bobby falls in love with Lily and discovers she is a cricketer. However, he appears to be dealing with anger issues, which keep him away from her. So he must find ways to manage his anger in order to be reunited with Lily and start a new chapter together.

23. Hum Hain Players

Amazon Prime

As the title suggests the next South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi is all about the various roles of justice that are played. The plot revolves around a man who is falsely accused of a crime but is supported by his lawyer, who must fight for justice in order to demonstrate the reality of false accusations.

24. Ghulam

Disney+ Hotstar

Who doesn't adore Ajit from the South industry? Ghulam is a meaningful film about a local Goan who takes care of street children, educates them, and pays for their studies. His rivals do not want this to continue, so they interfere with him, tapping his violent side to end their reign.

25. Vivegam

Disney+ Hotstar

A betrayal is powerful enough to start a story on its own. Vivegam is based on a counter terrorism agent who embarks on a special mission only to be betrayed by his own friends and falsely accused. As they say, "come back is better than set back," is the right definition for this movie that falls under best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi.

26. Fidaa

Amazon Prime

Fidaa is one of the most talked-about love stories in Telugu cinema. It's about Varun, a medical student who falls for Bhanu. However, due to your personal lives and differences, there are many obstacles in India between them. Will they overcome it?

27. U-turn

Amazon Prime

Despite the fact that Spooks creeps us out, everyone enjoys Horror Story. The story talks about Rachana, a leading newspaper investigator who investigates accidents that occur on a flyover with the assistance of another crime reporter. Over time, she is accused of murdering the people on the flyover. Keep an eye out for the twist as you turn.

28. Makkhi

Disney+ Hotstar

Makkhi is one of a kind South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi  with a unique twist. The plot revolves around a man who falls in love but is murdered by another man out of jealousy for loving the same girl. He is reincarnated as a fly, however, and decides to kill the person who caused his death. We know you don't get it right now, but you can watch Makkhi on Hotstar right now!

29. Pushpa

Amazon Prime

Do we even need to talk about the hype around Pushpa? The plot revolves around  a simple laborer Pushpa, who works his way through the sandalwood smuggling business. However, his enemies want to bring him down, and the police want to apprehend him because he is involved in illegal business.

30. Yuvarathna

Amazon Prime

Puneeth Raj Kumar is no longer with us, but he will always be in our hearts. This next South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi’s  plot revolves around a college that is about to close due to privatization, but with the help of a principal and students who support one common goal to save the college many things can happen in a good way.

31. Asuran

Amazon Prime

This is a recommendation for Dhanush fans! Asuran is a socially and critically acclaimed film about a man, his wife, and their children living in a remote location with their crops and very simple living. However, the rich lay eyes on their land, which causes them to take a massive step against them first.

32. Thalaiva

Amazon Prime

Thalaiva was one of the films that gained popularity. The plot revolves around Vishwa, who returns from Sydney and discovers that his father is a gangster in Mumbai. When his father is murdered, Vishwa carries vengeanceto put an end to those who were responsible for his father's death.

33. 2.0

Amazon Prime

You know you're in for a treat when Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar team up for an action-packed film and so it rightly falls under the best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi. The plot revolves around Doctor Vaseegaran and his robot assistant, who face the bad guys together.

34. Mujrim Na Kehna

Disney+ Hotstar

Mujrim Na Kehna is a film about a couple who are involved in an unexpected accident. However, there are numerous hidden conspiracies that must be exposed in order to save their loved ones.

35. L7

Amazon Prime

L7 is about a newly married couple, Arun and Sandhya, who move into their new home to begin their married life. However, over time, Arun realizes that his wife is possessed when she begins to act strangely. He must save her and restore her to normalcy so that they can resume their normal lives.

36. Udaan

Amazon Prime

Our next recommendation under South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi is Udaan which demonstrates that the power of the common man extends beyond what we can see. The plot revolves around a common man from a small village who realizes his dream of establishing an air force in his village because there are no means of transportation that cross his land. However, he faces numerous challenges from investors and wealthy individuals, which he fights against!

37. Sye Raa

Amazon Prime

Who doesn't enjoy a good historic South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi ? The story of Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy is based on the struggle against the rule of the British East India Company. The main feature of this film is that it  brings back many historic moments that occurred in India prior to independence. And it stars one of the biggest stars of the Telugu film industry Chiranjeevi.

38. 777 Charlie

Amazon Prime

Turns that frown upside down!

“If you are lucky, a dog will come into your life,” is the opening lines in 777 Charlie. The movie is about the bond and connection between Dharma played by Rakshit Shetty and Charlie, our four-legged star of the film. The life-changing road trip with Dharma and Charlie, who have been through their share of life-scarring moments, turns into how they found happiness with each other.

39. Odeya

Amazon Prime

This next movie recommendation under South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi stars the very famous Kannada actor Darshan. Odeya is a film about Gajendra, who stops all his past work after marrying Sachu. But when his family is in danger, he must summon his inner strength and demolish everyone who has wronged his family.

40. Vikram

Disney+ Hotstar

A new era has dawned on Tamil cinema in this list of top movies 2022!

The four-film-old filmmaker, Lokesh Kanagaraj is one of the first to open a new cinematic universe dubbed ‘Lokiverse’, with none other than Ulaganayagan Kamal Hasan. This universe was hinted at to us in Vijay’s ‘Master.’ The story revolves around following a series of murders of police officials. A black ops cop played by Fahadh Faasil goes after masked men in a mysterious gang, who have declared war on the system which is protecting a fearsome drug lord, Sandhanam (Vijay Sethupathi).

We hope you enjoy these South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi as much as we did writing about them. When your South Indian friends come over and ask you about these stories, you now have a reason to share your thoughts as well as some hot gossip about the South Indian industry. Stream all of these movies on your favorite OTT platforms with amazing discounts. We will come back with another week of suggestions to keep your binge game strong. STAY TUNED!

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