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15 Discovery Plus Shows You Wouldn't Want to Miss

January 16, 2024

As kids, we watched Discovery to learn about basic adventures and wildlife. However, Discovery Plus is moving onto bigger things and airing much more extravagant TV shows and series that will leave you speechless. Watch some of the top TV shows and series on Discovery Plus right away that we have hand-picked for you.

15 Discovery Plus Shows You Wouldn't Want to Miss

1. 90 Day: The Single Life

If you're someone who fears being single; this discovery plus show might just change your mind.

The 90-day single life is one of the most entertaining shows you will ever watch. Six adults embark on a new journey to find true love after their previous relationships have fallen apart. Along with this, there is a high-key drama involving these couples that are filled with resentment, toxic romance and a whole lot of unthinkable situations.

2. Money Mafia

Money Mafia is all about India's most shocking pawn tales. In this discovery plus show, you get to know India's King Cons! It throws light on some of the most serious crimes ever committed in regard to money. Find out the masterminds behind some of the largest Mafias in India. If you tend to watch these types of documentaries, Money Mafia needs to be added to your watchlist right away.

3. Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns

Everybody loves a good Viking tale. Deadliest Catch depicts Sake Hanson urging the Ace family to return to their Norwegian homeland in order to establish a new King Crab fishing empire. Together with the family, they have a long-held goal of creating one of the largest fishing empires. This family affair is currently one of the most popular shows on television.

4. The Journey of India

India is well-known for being a very hospitable country that values diversity. We need to comprehend the entire history that resulted in this place becoming what it is right now. “Journey of India” honours both India's history and culture and the country's 75 years of independence. Additionally, it also shows us how business, cuisine, religion, conservation, etc. helped India become what it is today. Amitabh Bacchan also provides the documentary's voiceover, which will captivate you with his precise explanation of India's journey.

5. My Daughter Joined a Cult

“Nithyananda” - once referred to as a God-man, is eventually accused as a Conman. Many people have differing opinions about this case, and the same is revealed in this documentary. Learn the truth about India's most well-known and devoted gurus, or should we say, the opposite? This documentary also reveals the true nature of Nithyananda and what he has done to many people who believed in him. One of the things that is really wrong is that it appears he is hiding a different person inside the clothes of a preacher.

6. Paranormal Caught on Camera

Spook alert!

Imagine hearing a creek in the dead of night. Do you prefer to stay inside and continue sleeping or would you go investigate what it might be? These paranormal investigators, however, are unquestionably the latter, as the focus of this series is on documenting and identifying the causes of local paranormal occurrences.

Watch Paranormal Caught on Camera right away if you enjoy the rush that these types of series give you.

7. Legends of the Ramayana

Everyone enjoys listening to history, particularly if it is well narrated. Discovery Plus presents to you a tale that has lived through generations. The Ramayana is more than just a tale; it is a legacy that Lord Ram has left behind. This documentary is voiced by one of the well-known authors of best-selling books, Amish Tripathi. Know everything about the Ramayana, one of India's epic stories. Follow Rama's footsteps and discover his teaching on mythology, customs, beliefs and more.

8. Vardy vs Rooney

Heard about the Wagatha Christie trial?

Coleen Rooney and Rebecca Vardy were involved in a British football case. 2019 saw the start of this particular case when Rooney accused Vardy of giving the British newspaper “The Sun”, access to posts from a private Instagram account. Trials in court are fascinating to watch because they feature real people debating with real facts in real-time. Watch this trial if you love some courtroom drama!

9. Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars is a well-known discovery plus show that was also one of the most-watched programmes. It’s based on The Chronicles of a renowned gold and silver pawn shop's daily operations. This family-run enterprise, which started in 1989, rose to become the highest-rated programme on the network. It depicts how the family interacts with customers as they sell various artifacts of pawn along with keeping their family's historical background. The series was broadcasted in 150 countries and 38 different languages. Unfortunately, the series had to be cancelled after the demise of one of the stars in the series.

10. What Killed Maradona

Maradona is regarded as one of the football Gods. He is also a big part of why a lot of people got into football in the first place. But what happens when his death is shrouded in mystery? What actually is behind the death of Maradona? What unsettling details might have contributed to this football legend's demise? This is precisely what ”What killed Maradona” is all about. Watch many of the secrets that led to his demise on this famous discovery plus show!

11. Written In The Stars

Do you look at Astrology facts to lift your spirits? How many of us actually adhere to astrological beliefs?

Singles take part in the TV show “Written in the Stars” to find their true love based on their zodiac signs. Astrology and Zodiac signs could or might not be significant to many people, unlike some others who fervently believe in these things. In order to make their love lives spark, six couples must determine their compatibility based on their Zodiac signs and some personal effort off-course.

12. Planet Earth Series

Think big, vast, and unfathomable when you consider the earth.

Our upcoming discovery plus show is based on stunning, cutting-edge photographs of natural wonders like oceans, deserts, and other landscapes. It also received numerous honours, including the Peabody Award, Outstanding Image Producer of the Year and others. The Planet Earth series, which is narrated by actress Sigourney Weaver, reveals a breathtaking aspect of Earth that has never been seen before. This is your best option if you or someone else wants to experience all of earth's grandeur from the comfort of your couch.

13. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

No Reservations is a culinary journey hosted by Anthony Bourdain, affectionately known as the “bad boy chef”. Anthony embarks on a quest to find some of the best culinary hotspots and Hidden Gems of the world's best dining experiences. As he travels throughout the world, he also tries to share his thoughts and point of view on cuisine and regional practices. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations needs to be on your watch list if you want to experience food reviews at their best!

14. Space Jump

How Red Bull Stratos Captured the World's Attention.

Red Bull Stratos, Felix Baumgartner's initiative for high-altitude skydiving, was first launched almost ten years ago. Insights into aerospace programmes and other streaming capabilities are shown in this documentary. Felix Baumgartner became the only Austrian skydiver to enter history with his record-breaking 24-mile (38.6-kilometre) space jump. Watch as Felix Baumgartner tells us about this important space mission from the inside out.

15. Into The Wild With Bear Grylls

One of the most daring individuals you could ever meet or imagine is Bear Grylls. He goes on adventures that are not built for regular people. But somehow makes it appear to be a piece of the cakewalk. Bear Grylls has collaborated with a number of A-list actors, including Vicky Kaushal, Rajnikant, Ranveer Singh, and Akshay Kumar. He inspires people to go beyond their comfort zones and find an adventurous purpose in life.

All of the series have a genuine sense of discovering a true purpose and meaning in life in addition to being award-winning. Only RAW and Real Life-based TV shows and series are broadcasted on Discovery Plus. Watch these recommendations right away, and we'll be back soon with more interesting topics!

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