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Best Thriller Web Series in Hindi

January 16, 2024

There are some nights you want to enjoy a comedy or curl up with a Rom-Com but other nights, you’d want to sit on the edge of your seat with a thriller web series that keeps you wanting more with every episode.

Grab a hold of a bowl of popcorn and cozy up because things are going to get bloodier by the minute! This list of the best thriller web series in Hindi is a treat for all you thrill seekers as we bring you some of the hidden gems to stream this long weekend!

Best Thriller Web Series in Hindi


Duranga (2022) on IMDb

They say seeing is believing, but what if you’re made to see what they want you to see? Based on the K-Drama, Flower of Evil, Duranga revolves around the protagonist, Abhishek Banne, an ordinary family man living in Mumbai and his psychopathic killer instincts. This crime thriller web series follows Abhishek as he retraces the footsteps of his father. Old secrets get revealed and relationships fall apart while these murders again appear all across the city 17 years later. Will Abhishek be able to avenge his father’s crimes and can Inspector Ira Patel solve these mysterious deaths?? Watch the web series on Zee5 and find out!


Bhram (2019) on IMDb

Writer Alisha Khanna’s life turns upside down after a gruesome car accident which pushes her to move to Shimla and restart her life. However, she starts hallucinating a young girl watching her. She is later diagnosed with severe PTSD which justifies her visions and paranormal experiences.

The plot of this psychological thriller web series uncovers many dark secrets and new truths that could change everything she once believed in. This is a must-watch for all you horror lovers as it is a perfect blend of thriller and mystery wrapped up in a thriller web series in Hindi. Stream it now on Zee5.

Hush Hush

Hush Hush (2022) on IMDb

From the makers of Breath and Sherni, Tanuj Chandra brings out Hush Hush, a thriller web series in Hindi, about four high-society women getting themselves entangled in numerous cases. This show highlights issues ranging from both personal and private taboos such as mental health, and infertility to murder and child trafficking. In this 8-episode thriller web series, there are sharp contrasts between the inner battles of the lives of these women along with the societal pressures that they face. Hush Hush brings forward the debate of patriarchy being the ultimate weapon. Catch it on Amazon Prime Video!

Rudra: Edge of Darkness

Rudra: The Edge of Darkness (2022) on IMDb

Set in Modern Mumbai, Rudra is a suspense thriller web series, about an investigation officer who is consumed by the darkness of his own crimes. Ajay Devgn’s sombre nature is what makes this show worth the watch. Rudra is inspired by a British thriller web series called Luther. This show takes you through a journey of various psychopathic minds that come together to cause murder. Ajay Devgn’s character Rudra struggles to find a balance between his career and personal life which later unravels into various plot points connected to the murder. Overall, this is a perfect show to binge over a long weekend because it's bound to keep you on the edge with the turns in every episode. Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar now!

Mumbai Diaries: 26/11

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 (2021) on IMDb

This suspense thriller web series gives us not just a single perspective, but three different viewpoints on the Mumbai terrorist attacks that occurred. We have young Ms Diya Parekh who’s an intern at the Bombay General Hospital, Ananya Ghosh, who’s the head of Staff at the Taj hotels, and Mansi Hirani, an aspiring journalist. This Hindi web series talks about the different challenges faced by the staff and the first responders during the attacks. During the reenactment of this catastrophic series of events, we see different aspects of how this situation was handled from three different perspectives. Equal parts action and drama make this thriller show a must-watch for all you thrill lovers out there. You can catch it on Amazon Prime Video!

BOSE: Dead or Alive

Bose: Dead/Alive (2017) on IMDb

Bose is an Indian Prehistoric thriller web series that is based on one of India’s most sought-after books “India’s biggest Coverup” by activist Anuj Dhar. Netaji’s versatile character is played by Rajkumar Rao who is the main protagonist in this show. Throughout the show, we can see Subhash’s aggressiveness towards the British soldiers and his dedication to his people. Many secrets are uncovered throughout the show, shedding light on the conspiracy theories about Bose’s mysterious plane crash in Taiwan and his brief encounter with the Führer of Germany. Various political scenarios are shown which include some of our freedom fighters that were involved in covering up one of India’s biggest mysteries: Is Bose alive or Dead? 

If conspiracy theories and mysteries are your things, this show will take you on a journey through some of our country’s darkest secrets. Watch it on Alt Balaji today!


Code M (2020) on IMDb

Jennifer Winget makes her comeback as Lawyer Monica Mehra who uncovers a national secret during the investigation of a military encounter case. After the Army faces backlash from the citizens of Jodhpur after the encounter, they reach out to Monica to investigate this attack. Jennifer’s character is a fierce and brave woman who takes on this task just weeks before her wedding even after facing resistance from her family and friends. Constant enquiries and questioning open Pandora’s Box with the secrets of the attack. This thriller Hindi web series shows a positive contrast between gender acceptance and the morality of people and their mindsets. In conclusion, it is a power-packed show, filled with drama, action and secrets, perfect for a binge-watching party with your friends this weekend! Streaming on Alt Balaji!


Maharani (2021) on IMDb

Starring Huma Qureshi, Maharani is a Hindi political thriller web series based on the real-life story of Rabri Devi’s journey to the CM of Bihar. The protagonist, Rani Bharati, is a homemaker, and the wife of Bihar’s CM Bheema. However, when Bheema resigns due to political turmoil, he names Rani his successor, thus catapulting Rani into public life involuntarily. With the people being skeptical, and Rani’s party officials often plotting against her, watch this series on Sony Liv to find out how Rani manages to succeed.

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