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OTT Bundle Subscription : Find the Right One for You!

March 22, 2023
OTT Bundle Subscription

Just when you thought your life juggling  subscriptions was getting out of hand, Fleek’s OTT bundle subscription plans come to the rescue. Thank us later, but for now, benefit yourself by looking into the awesome plans that have been hand-picked for you and delivered in a single package that is completely hassle-free. Add this as one of the coolest things you've ever seen.

Not only do bundle subscriptions save money, but they also make it easier to buy preferred subscriptions under one package for one effective price. OTT platforms have grown in size and number over time, which has undoubtedly resulted in a high demand. This is why people prefer to buy subscriptions and watch movies from the comfort of their own homes rather than going out to see movies when they don't feel like it. Let's get right to the point: the benefits of OTT bundle subscriptions.

What are OTT Bundle Subscriptions?

In a nutshell, they are a combination  of subscriptions that are curated for a lower price for you. The benefit is that you will receive a large number of subscriptions, carefully selected to provide you with the best type of entertainment as well as a variety of physical products subscriptions at a lower cost. This is why you should choose OTT bundle subscriptions and pay one full price rather than paying separately.

There are over 40 OTT platforms in India, but only a few of them provide free services. Most of them offer a monthly/yearly subscription plan where you can watch your favourite TV shows or movies and also subscribe for easy renewals. According to many telecom operators, this has created a lot of convenience because people like to opt for subscriptions to watch their favourite entertainment shows, which is why bundles were introduced.

With OTT bundles, subscriptions such as Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Netflix can all be obtained at 1 price. This is very easy, and most people can benefit from it because you will not be paying for each of these subscriptions separately, and it will not burn a hole in your pocket without taking a dig at your entertainment. In short, they can be rightly called all-in-one OTT subscription packages!

Benefits of OTT Packages

The main advantage of OTT bundle subscriptions is undoubtedly the amount of money you will save. We're always a little concerned about the costs on subscription and OTT platforms, as well as our broadband services, but when you buy 3 to 4 subscriptions as a whole bundle, you see a large chunk of money being saved without burning a hole in your pocket. And the added benefit is that you are not sacrificing any type of entertainment; rather, you are receiving more for your money.

For example,  imagine you could avail OTT packages such as Disney+ Hotstar for around ₹1499, ZEE5 for ₹399 for 3 months, and Amazon Prime for ₹1500 per year, for a total combined price in an OTT bundle subscription of ₹1799 only. Don't you think that's a good deal already and all in one OTT subscription? You're saving so much money and getting the benefit of three OTT subscriptions.

This is why the benefits of OTT bundle subscriptions have gained a lot of attention as they keep the customer factor in mind along with a valid budget. Companies also benefit greatly from these OTT bundle subscriptions because they can onboard a large number of customers at significantly lower costs, and their retention is positive because they return for more such OTT renewal subscriptions.

Fleek’s OTT Bundle Subscriptions Offer

Now, let's talk about Fleek's OTT bundle subscription offer. As we all know, Fleek already does an excellent job of managing your subscriptions and providing you with great discounts. You will find a huge variety of OTT platforms and even physical product subscriptions with great discounts of up to 50% to 70% off, including free trials. They are also launching their bundles, which will catch your eye with the discounts and the selection of OTT subscriptions that they are offering. Let's go over the OTT bundle subscriptions that Fleek offers in more detail.

24/7 Masti OTT Bundle

This OTT bundle subscription includes four exclusive entertainment platforms, including ZEE5, Altbalaji, Epic On, and Docubay.

All of these best-in-class apps are available in a single, exclusive bundle at an affordable price. You get access to 1 month of Zee5, Alt Balaji, Epic On and Docuba. While ZEE5 and Altbalaji give you the best films and television programmes, Epic ON and docubay offer the best documentaries and adventure series from the comfort of your couch. These four OTT platforms typically cost 417, but Fleek offers them for only 175.

All-Out Entertainment Bundle

Go all out on entertainment with our next entertainment bundle, which offers you an affordable price on OTTS for a month. Get Amazon Prime, Zee5, Altbalaji, and Docubay for 1 whole month. Only the best of shows are available on all of these OTT platforms, watch them right away and quit FOMO. These four OTT platforms have an average price of 537, but Fleek offers them for just 329.

Jalsa Bundle

Ek dum Jalsa hi Jalsa with this next bundle! 

Get 3 months of Zee5, Cultfit, Shemaroo Me, Amazon Prime, and MFine. In other words, for a single low price for three whole months, you get a carefully curated collection of entertainment as well as apps related to fitness and health! To let go of a deal like this must be a joke!

Where can you find it? Look no further and place your order for this bundle exclusively on Fleek. These four OTT services typically cost 3607, but Fleek offers them for only 629.

The All-Rounder Bundle

The All-Rounder Bundle is the most popular “need of the hour” bundle.

You get One Month of Amazon Prime, Zee5, AltBalaji and Docubay. This package is actually excellent for trying out each of these services for a full month before deciding whether or not you want to continue your subscriptions. If you change your mind, you can always renew them for a lower price on fleek. On average, these four OTT platforms cost 835, but Fleek offers them for just 337.

Mishti Bundle

Because of its sweet offers that it has for you, the name itself is called “Mishti”.

 This is your one-stop shop for Bengali buffs out there, including ZEE5, MonthKlikk TV, BongoBD, and Docubay in a single bundle at a greatprice. All of these apps are available for a full month of trial use, and you can always renew them on Fleek based on your preferences. On the market, these four OTT platforms cost a combined 446, but Fleek offers it for just 222.

The Ultimate Annual Bundle

When you consider annual subscriptions, they aren’t just financially  good but also entertainment-wise. They say that good things take time, but an annual bundle is definitely going to last in time. You get 12 Months of Disney+Hotstar, KukuFM,  TOI and Gaana best of Entertainment, news and music! 

If you want a hassle-free one-year subscription to all of your best in class apps, the ultimate annual bundle is unquestionably your best option. On average, the cost of these four OTT platforms is 2196, but Fleek offers it for 1350 only.

Knockout Bundle

Our next bundle will undoubtedly give a good knock at your old OTT prices. The knockout package includes six months of Sony Liv, Alt Balaji, Epic On and Cultfit If you're looking for a pure selection of the top apps in each category.

The best part is that you get the best of entertainment and fitness for six months, after which you can choose whether or not to continue subscriptions. You can also always wish for hassle-free payments with Fleek. On average, these four OTT platforms cost 3697 on a market price, but Fleek offers them for just 999.

Bindaas Bundle

The Bindass bundle, which is the last but not least, is quite popular because it includes Zee5, Epic On, Gaana and Docubay. What a wise choice that is! A selection of movies, music, and documentaries. This is ideal for anyone looking for short-term entertainment for a full month in addition to the best apps available in this bundle for you.

You can always renew the subscriptions on Fleek and get it for a lower price, so it depends on your preference if you want to keep the subscription. The combined cost of these four OTT platforms is 456, but on Fleek, you can get it for 199.

How to Manage Your OTT Subscriptions

How to manage subscriptions is one of those things that not many of us can easily keep a check on with all of the other things such as work, home, social life, and so on. But we all love the idea of being able to get our favourite subscriptions from the comfort of our couches, as well as our favourite programs or even physical products, delivered right to our door. So, how do we manage subscriptions, avoid overloading them, and always keep an eye on our renewals? The main catch is to conduct research on various online apps that provide you with an all-around OTTs as well as a system that makes your life easy when it comes to subscriptions.

Fleek manages your subscriptions, giving you one less thing to worry about, and it also offers fantastic discounts, subscriptions to new products & your favourite entertainment subscriptions. Each of the subscriptions has a one-click curated button dedicated to timely renewals, so you don't waste time thinking about the last time you paid for it. Fleek is one such app that is definitely on the go and doesn't consume much of your time when it comes to subscriptions. They also give you Fleek coins as rewards and cashback when you use their app to make a purchase.

To add to that Fleek presents the OTT bundle subscription that we have listed above at these exclusive prices.

Overall, OTT bundle subscriptions are a great investment, and this has gained a lot of attention, especially during pandemic times. You can stream your favourite movies and exclusive content in various languages on your favourite OTT subscriptions from the comfort of your couch, as well as save a lot of money with bundle subscription plans. This is exactly what we would expect as users to have an entertainment value and price value. We hope that you do check out the Fleek app and buy your favourite OTT bundle subscriptions as per your preference so you would get the best of both worlds, which is saving money and enjoying the best of entertainment.


1. What is OTT membership?

OTT membership refers to the membership that is provided on subscriptions on your favourite OTT platforms once you sign up and pay a fee to use their services. This membership is valid until the expiry date specified at the time of payment.

2. Can I get all OTT subscriptions?

Yes, depending on the app you use to get all of your OTT subscriptions on one platform, you can get the majority of OTT subscriptions in one app. Fleek, for example, manages subscriptions and offers a wide range of OTT subscriptions, such as Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, Zee 5 & Disney+ Hotstar.

3. Is it worth it to buy all OTT subscriptions?

If you purchase all OTT subscriptions in the form of an OTT bundle subscription, you will receive the benefit of many different subscriptions for the price of one. You don't have to pay separately for each of the OTT subscriptions when OTT bundles gives you one whole exclusive price for up to four different unique subscriptions, so it's definitely worth the package and price.

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